OHAC 12: Magnetic Resonance Enchiladas

In a world of sails, wooden ships, and ridiculous acronyms, Jack and Mikhail attempt to navigate the text-based world formed from the poetic descriptions of Mark, the heartless command parser. With a little help from well-timed sound effects and a bit of imagination, join the classic crew as they play through the game, Sail Away! […]

OHAC 11: Tribe

Modern society: A curse? A blessing? Both? It’s definitely both. But why though? Join Jack, Mark, and Mikhail as they discuss war, peacecraft, and what early hominids lost while becoming modern humans besides a decent amount of body hair. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen on Google Play! Discuss […]

OHAC 10: An Endless Disappointment

Stop the presses! Or, on second thought, don’t. Those things generally take several hours to restart. What a hassle. Anyway, on this episode, Jack, Mark, and Mikhail tackle the issue of news media, satire, and political disparity while only being interrupted by a fire alarm less than five times. What a day. Subscribe on iTunes […]

OHAC 09: A Tale of Three Cities

They may have moved to three separate, fully-disclosed parts of the continent, but that doesn’t stop Jack, Mark, and Mikhail from growing ever closer through the magical – nay, mystic – power of friendship and conversation. Jack can’t find parking, Mark is where the beer is, and Mikhail fails to adequately describe a table.

OHAC 07: It’s Pronounced “Escapology®”

Look! Up in the waveforms! It’s a burp! It’s a phone ringing! No! It’s a special guest! Grant joins the classic crew to discuss technology, coyote genitals, and Escapology: the puzzle room in which everyone definitely made equal contributions towards solving. Don’t worry, Grant is totally introduced right away and not at 12 minutes and 40 seconds into the episode.

OHAC 06: A Weird Doughnut

Guess who’s back, back again. Jack, Mark, and Mikhail are back, tell a friend. Under the direction of the new fearless editor in chief, the gang makes a beautiful segue from grumbling like crotchety old men about technology to discussing the true value of college and the finer points of friendship. I mean really, like wow. The transition is seamless.