OHAC 05: What Is the Dragon?

In this episode, we discuss the finer points of humanity’s relationship with the impending embrace of death. Is growing old and dying a natural part of life? Or a tragic fate to which our race has developed an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome?

To cap it all off, we give our best 1-2 minutes on each of an eclectic collection of topics in our newest section of the show: HOT TAKES.

OHAC π: The Lost Episode

We had every intention of releasing an episode soon, yet we were foiled by inferior audio technology. For those wondering what we talked about, it was based on the essay A circumpolar night’s dream by anthropologist Tim Ingold. (If you try, you can probably find a [totally legal and acceptable] pdf which may contain this essay.) […]

OHAC 03: If I Had Known Then

In this episode, we talk about what we wish had been taught in schools. We discuss the finer points of computer literacy, history in non-history courses, and science. Fueled by nostalgia, we get introspective at the end. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Or download from Internet Archive here. Or watch on YouTube here. Discuss […]

OHAC 02: A Normal Meeting at Night

In the first episode released after being officially available on the iTunes store, we talk mostly about personality tests — those that are serious, and those that are fun. In addition, we talk about Lord of the Rings, time-tracking, and sea monsters. Get yourself a proper podcast app and subscribe on iTunes! Or download from Internet Archive […]

OHAC 01: Art is in the Argument

In this episode we discuss the essay A Mathematician’s Lament by Paul Lockhart, which lays out interesting ideas about mathematics education. We then talk about whether the current public education system is any good, if we can anthropomorphize society. We also learn two new words. Or download from Internet Archive here. You can also find this episode […]