OHAC 06: A Weird Doughnut

Guess who’s back, back again. Jack, Mark, and Mikhail are back, tell a friend. Under the direction of the new fearless editor in chief, the gang makes a beautiful segue from grumbling like crotchety old men about technology to discussing the true value of college and the finer points of friendship. I mean really, like wow. The transition is seamless.

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Oh what beautiful new iconography

Mikhail’s favorite rain sounds video

iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation

Combining pdfs online

OSX Preview does it better

Linux can do it too, I guess

Comical Start (a.k.a. Mark’s side hustle)

Ubuntu installation (proceed at your own risk)

Smosh Short 2: Stranded

ARM (not ARCH) vs. x86

Quiet book


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