OHAC 26: Handball On Unicycles

After promising to “keep it short,” Mikhail leads Mark and Jack down a 40 minute rabbit hole into the weird and convoluted world of alternative keyboard layouts. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen on Google Play! Discuss this episode on reddit. SHOW NOTES Sylvan Lake, South Dakota Zsh vs. […]

OHAC 25: Two Thumbs Up

It’s a dark time for the OHAC coalition. Mark has begun dabbling in the dark arts of artificial intelligence. Jack was forced to make the harrowing journey back to the People’s Republic of Illinois. Mikhail’s lights now stay off the entire night through. Yes, dark times indeed.Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen […]

OHAC 24: A Francophone Prankster in the Night

“I’m the bread from the oven and I want to have a life! I want to experience love and the joy of reading classic literature! I want to feel heartbreak and the frustration of pouring through poorly documented command-line tool manual pages! I want to watch the original Star Wars Trilogy raw and unedited, the […]

OHAC 23: A Whisper of a Flavor on the Wind

The world may still be in lockdown, but that won’t stop Mark, Jack, and Mikhail from discussing the finer points of minor discrepancies in digital calculations. They also compare notes on habit tracking, haircuts, and the state of the podcasting world as a whole. Stay hydrated out there. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast […]

OHAC 22: Big Bidet

Strange times have befallen the world. Many are confined to their homes while others are still searching far and wide for but a single roll of toilet paper. But, because Mark, Jack, and Mikhail have been doing this through internet video chat since the beginning, nothing here has changed except the mood. Enjoy. Subscribe on […]

OHAC 21: 18 Pounds of Meat in the Mail

The boys are back and getting in sync. Mikhail, Jack, and Mark once again discuss yearly themes as the much more practical cousin to the flaky and unreliable New Years resolutions. The themes discussed are eerily similar which was totally not at all planned in advance. How neat is that? Subscribe on iTunes or your […]

OHAC 20: Domo Origato

Egads. This episode has it all: linguistic peculiarities, real fake hats, beta software issues, pending elopations, and call-backs out the wazoo. Mikhail, Jack, and Mark have done it again. But should they have? Yes. Get into it. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen on Google Play! Discuss this episode […]

OHAC 19: Donkey in a Bonnet

The aggrieved whinging over niche technological issues continues to permeate the show. Can Mikhail, Mark, and Jack turn back the tide? Or will the plague of bespoke complaints spread until OHAC is reduced to a tech review podcast crafted with an Atari 2600 joystick as the sole input device? Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite […]

OHAC 18: Homestead

You’re lost in the woods. With only a canteen, tarp, watch, and a piece of paper in your pack, two voices in your head shouting instructions, and a relentlessly cruel parser, will you survive the night? Probably not. Hold on to what’s left of your sanity as Jack and Mikhail attempt to navigate Mark’s newest […]

OHAC 17: Playing Minesweeper

After quite the respite due to a failed recording, the boys are back and better than ever. Technology talk is split up with an unprompted spoiler-filled discussion of the MCU. They talk about the thoughts they think about what they thunk. Strap in. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen […]

OHAC 16: Psuedo-Profundity

Is “dressing to impress” selfish? Will airports ever get their sh!t together? Why is code so rarely cross-browser compatible? Jack, Mark, and Mikhail come up with what may-or-may-not be deep answers to what may-or-may-not be deep questions. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen on Google Play! Discuss this episode […]

OHAC 14: Happiness is Shallow

New Year’s resolutions are for suckers. Instead of that nonsense, Mikhail, Mark, and Jack (clap order!) have a rousing discussion about their deepest, darkest, most-well hidden hopes and dreams about how and where they want their years to go by establishing Yearly Themes! Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen […]

OHAC 13: An Unexpected Thing Happened

So, you’ve come to the show notes for spoilers, eh? Well, joke’s on you. You’ll still never guess how it ends. Guess you better just give it a listen, huh? Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen on Google Play! Discuss this episode on reddit. SHOW NOTES OHAC 10: Mio […]

OHAC 12: Magnetic Resonance Enchiladas

In a world of sails, wooden ships, and ridiculous acronyms, Jack and Mikhail attempt to navigate the text-based world formed from the poetic descriptions of Mark, the heartless command parser. With a little help from well-timed sound effects and a bit of imagination, join the classic crew as they play through the game, Sail Away! […]

OHAC 11: Tribe

Modern society: A curse? A blessing? Both? It’s definitely both. But why though? Join Jack, Mark, and Mikhail as they discuss war, peacecraft, and what early hominids lost while becoming modern humans besides a decent amount of body hair. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Listen on Spotify! Listen on Google Play! Discuss […]

OHAC 10: An Endless Disappointment

Stop the presses! Or, on second thought, don’t. Those things generally take several hours to restart. What a hassle. Anyway, on this episode, Jack, Mark, and Mikhail tackle the issue of news media, satire, and political disparity while only being interrupted by a fire alarm less than five times. What a day. Subscribe on iTunes […]

OHAC 09: A Tale of Three Cities

They may have moved to three separate, fully-disclosed parts of the continent, but that doesn’t stop Jack, Mark, and Mikhail from growing ever closer through the magical – nay, mystic – power of friendship and conversation. Jack can’t find parking, Mark is where the beer is, and Mikhail fails to adequately describe a table.

OHAC 07: It’s Pronounced “Escapology®”

Look! Up in the waveforms! It’s a burp! It’s a phone ringing! No! It’s a special guest! Grant joins the classic crew to discuss technology, coyote genitals, and Escapology: the puzzle room in which everyone definitely made equal contributions towards solving. Don’t worry, Grant is totally introduced right away and not at 12 minutes and 40 seconds into the episode.

OHAC 06: A Weird Doughnut

Guess who’s back, back again. Jack, Mark, and Mikhail are back, tell a friend. Under the direction of the new fearless editor in chief, the gang makes a beautiful segue from grumbling like crotchety old men about technology to discussing the true value of college and the finer points of friendship. I mean really, like wow. The transition is seamless.

OHAC 05: What Is the Dragon?

In this episode, we discuss the finer points of humanity’s relationship with the impending embrace of death. Is growing old and dying a natural part of life? Or a tragic fate to which our race has developed an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome?

To cap it all off, we give our best 1-2 minutes on each of an eclectic collection of topics in our newest section of the show: HOT TAKES.

OHAC 03: If I Had Known Then

In this episode, we talk about what we wish had been taught in schools. We discuss the finer points of computer literacy, history in non-history courses, and science. Fueled by nostalgia, we get introspective at the end. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcast app! Or download from Internet Archive here. Or watch on YouTube here. Discuss […]

OHAC 02: A Normal Meeting at Night

In the first episode released after being officially available on the iTunes store, we talk mostly about personality tests — those that are serious, and those that are fun. In addition, we talk about Lord of the Rings, time-tracking, and sea monsters. Get yourself a proper podcast app and subscribe on iTunes! Or download from Internet Archive […]

OHAC 01: Art is in the Argument

In this episode we discuss the essay A Mathematician’s Lament by Paul Lockhart, which lays out interesting ideas about mathematics education. We then talk about whether the current public education system is any good, if we can anthropomorphize society. We also learn two new words. Or download from Internet Archive here. You can also find this episode […]