OHAC 09: A Tale of Three Cities

They may have moved to three separate, fully-disclosed parts of the continent, but that doesn’t stop Jack, Mark, and Mikhail from growing ever closer through the magical – nay, mystic – power of friendship and conversation. Jack can’t find parking, Mark is where the beer is, and Mikhail fails to adequately describe a table. What more could you ask for?

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“iPad X”

Auto-adjust mic level in Skype settings

MathJax – A valiant attempt at \LaTeX on websites.

Example from Mark’s Blog

Terry Tao’s Blog

The Loonie

The Toonie

The Ferromagnetic Metal that Confused Me


Mikhail’s Table

Garage door table – open

Garage door table – closed

Drake on the CN Tower

CN Tower is 553 m (1815 ft) tall

Space Needle is 184 m (605 ft) tall

Adventure Zone podcast

Human Fall Flat

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