OHAC 24: A Francophone Prankster in the Night

“I’m the bread from the oven and I want to have a life! I want to experience love and the joy of reading classic literature! I want to feel heartbreak and the frustration of pouring through poorly documented command-line tool manual pages! I want to watch the original Star Wars Trilogy raw and unedited, the way nature intended! Please don’t eat me! I’m bread!”

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Japanese Paper on time perception

Paper on time perception and arousal

Wim Hof – The Ice Man

Audacity forum post about chapters

FFmpeg command line tool

Star Wars: Harmy’s Despecialized Edition

Hello Internet 26: Brady Had Dinner With Darth Vader

LibriVoxThe Outline of Science

The Outline of Science, Volume 4

Project Gutenberg – Free eBooks

Ayn Rand – Atlas Shrugged

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Objectivism

Clickhole is back

Are You Strong Enough To Eat The Loaf Of Bread You Just Baked Even Though It Came Out Of The Oven Begging For Life?

Pour-over coffee – Cloth Reusable Cone Coffee FilterCollapsible Coffee Dripper

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