OHAC 23: A Whisper of a Flavor on the Wind

The world may still be in lockdown, but that won’t stop Mark, Jack, and Mikhail from discussing the finer points of minor discrepancies in digital calculations. They also compare notes on habit tracking, haircuts, and the state of the podcasting world as a whole. Stay hydrated out there.

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Pocket Casts


OverleafLaTeX documentation

Notion task tracking

Habitica – Gamify Your Life (Jack’s choice)

Loop Habit Tracker (Mark’s choice)

Strides app (Mikhail’s choice)

Gantt chart

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Tintin – 2011 animated movie

Wahl Clipper Corporation

Reddit how did you take that picture?Compilation

Michael Malice – Author and internet troll

Fordite – industrial fossils

Dave’s Down to Earth Fossil Shop

Dynamic Ad Insertion 

Not Another D&D Podcast

Castbox – Podcast Player

Overcast – Podcast Player

My Brother, My Brother, and Me

The Adventure Zone

Coffee Break French

Serial Podcast

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