OHAC 29: Trust the Neural Net

We, the people who have listened to this particular episode of the Operation: Have A Conversation podcast and have read this paragraph of the show notes for the aforementioned episode where Jack, Mikhail, and Mark discuss games, semi-autonomous cars, and the pronunciation of Asus, could reasonably concede that this episode description contains unnecessarily specific and cumbersome language to exposit a collective group of persons.

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Gmail app: (See Chapter Artwork)

Ferrite podcast editor for iPad

Six Colors – Editing Podcasts with Ferrite and Apple Pencil

Is it pronounced Asus, Asus, or Asus?

Face unlock on Linux, courtesy of Howdy

Super Smash Bros tournament receives cease and desist from Nintendo

Universal City Studios, Inc v. Nintendo Co., Ltd. (King Kong v. Donkey Kong)

The Smash Brothers Documentary

Comma.ai – Semi-autonomous car retrofitting

George Hotz

Lex Fridman – AI Researcher at MIT, podcaster

Nuralink – Breakthrough Technology for the Brain

The Escape Game – Remote Escape Rooms

Penguinz0 plays chess – checkmate in 6 moves

Math Jams with AoPS

Problem Solving With Chess

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