OHAC 30: I’m an Agent of Chaos

While the world outside is frightful, inside (at their respective places of residence) Mark, Jack, and Mikhail get insightful. In this episode, the boys see the long-awaited return of a dangerously bloated Corner Case Corner and a discussion of their yearly themes, a more helpful alternative to New Year’s resolutions.

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Stack Overflow: Broken pipe when pushing to git repository

Apple M1 ARM-based chip

MOS app (Separate touchpad and mouse scrolling direction)

Middle app (middle click on macOS)

EasyRes app (display scaling for macOS)

Magnet app (Window manager for macOS)

iOS screen time showing apps I don’t have installediPhoneiPad

Steam downloads nothing into game folder. Solution: copy from another computer

Steam has no customer support phone number

OHAC 21: 18 Pounds of Meat in the Mail (2020 Yearly Themes)

OHAC 14: Happiness is Shallow (2019 Yearly Themes)

The Theme System (see bottom of page for podcast episodes)

CGP Grey: Your Theme (YouTube)

Mark’s 2020 theme – Year of Routine

Loop Habit Tracker – Mark’s habit tracking app

Jack’s 2020 theme – Year of Upgrade

Jack’s 2021 theme – Year of Alignment

Mark’s 2021 theme – Year of Transition

Room Arranger – App for making floor plans

Mikhail’s 2020 theme – Year of Reconciliation 

Mikhail’s 2021 theme – Year of Persistence

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