OHAC 43: The History of Muncy’s Founding

You are you, a person with a ton of free time and a rubik’s cube you will never finish. You are bored out of your mind and have run out of things to do. You decide to listen to a podcast. “Operation: Have A Conversation”. You figure it will be a good way to pass the time. After all, what else is there to do? You listen to Mark, Jack, and Mikhail play a text-based adventure generated by an artificial intelligence. Why should you worry? You can handle anything!
“Well, if you insist” says Torren.
You say “How did you get here?”
“Seems like I made it just in time.” Torren scratches his chin and looks around expectantly.
You say, “In time for what?”
“We don’t have the time to spare.”
“Well, I guess you will have to.”

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