OHAC 42: In the Non-lethal Way

Time is an illusion, the year 2021 doubly so. Far out in the uncharted backwaters of the standardized end of the decentralized arm of the Internet’s plumbing lies a really simple protocol for syndication. Clinging to this is a mostly harmless, audio-based feed whose infrequent updates feature content so amazingly niche that the show notes are often a garbled mess of obscure references. This episode is no exception, with Mark, Mikhail, and Jack maintaining a conversation much in the same way that bricks don’t.

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Leonard Muise – Professional Disc Golf Association

Mark’s picture of frozen dairy dessert

What’s the Difference Between a ‘Frozen Dessert’ and Ice Cream? 

Breyer’s | Ice Cream and Frozen Dairy Desserts

StackOverflow: Python string behavior shadowing builtin file object


Runic Games

NCAR – SHEBA Seacat CTD Data-Deep (Preliminary)

High dynamic range



Comical Start Podcast

University of Minnesota banned from contributing to Linux kernel 

Monty Python intermission music

OHAC 30: I’m an Agent of Chaos (2021 Yearly Themes)

OHAC 21: 18 Pounds of Meat in the Mail (2020 Yearly Themes)

OHAC 14: Happiness is Shallow (2019 Yearly Themes)

The Theme System (see bottom of page for podcast episodes)

CGP Grey: Your Theme (YouTube)

Mark’s 2021 theme – Year of Transition / Season of Creativity

Jack’s 2021 theme – Year of Alignment

Mikhail’s 2021 theme – Year of Persistence

Mark’s 2022 theme – Year of One

Jack’s 2022 theme – Year of Execution

Sean Nalewanyj – Here’s why you’re not making gains…

Mikhail’s 2022 theme – Year of Flow

OHAC 32: This is a Family Show (The Oatmeal on Creativity)

MBMBaM 592: The Naming of 2022

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Audiobook, narrated by Stephen Fry

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Audiobook, narrated by Martin Freeman

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy text adventure game

The Mountain Goats (band)

The Hands that Thieve (album)

Republic (Plato)

Richat Structure in Mauritania (Eye of Africa)

John Mulaney on quicksand

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