OHAC 48: There’s Been an Error

This podcast will damage your phone. You should move it to the Trash. Save yourself from having to hear Jack, Mikhail, and Mark prattle on about bank accounts, data migration, statistics, and that meme. You know the one. You don’t want to hear about UPS, software licensing, or the fast inverse square root algorithm. In fact, don’t just delete this podcast, delete your browsing history, contacts, and all your photos. You know, just to be safe, completely disassemble your phone into its component pieces and take a walk around town, disposing of each piece in a separate trash can until you can breathe the fresh air in deeply, finally free of our ever-encroaching AI overlords.

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Show Notes

Due By Friday – bell gets noise-cancelled

TFSA (Tax-Free Savings Account)

Change.org Petition about UMN alumni email usage getting phased out

Google Takeout

Python Podcast Parser 

PDF of Podcast Data

pickle – Python object serialization

Matplotlib – Parasite Axes

That meme

UPS Error code: LASSO_1010

“Atom will damage your computer. You should move it to the Trash.” | Reddit

GitHub got hacked | Computer Weekly


VSCode – Microsoft’s telemetry and data collection license terms 

MIT License 

Lex Fridman Podcast – John Carmack

Fast inverse square root algorithm

Debugging in VSCode

Spaceship You – CGP Grey | YouTube

Cortex podcast

Room Arranger app

Sam Harris

Your Theme – CGP Grey | YouTube

The Trouble with Transporters – CGP Grey | YouTube

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