OHAC 47: Doctors Hate Them – Extremely Legal Tactical Journaling

Strap in your earbuds and get ready for 2:19:47 of episode featuring a 4-door scooter, 6 feet of Mark, and a singular joke. Get a load of these 3 idiots, Mark, Jack, and Mikhail, who didn’t even know the title of this episode the entire time. I mean, c’mon, what are they even doing? Tryna set up wireless printing using the Advanced Method? Remove the DRM from an ebook file in Minecraft? Read a book inside a dog’s stomach? Ridiculous. And I haven’t even mentioned the chickens.

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Show Notes

Ember mug

Mikhail’s Ember mug with a lid

Intel Core i7 Processor vs. 7th Generation Intel Core Processor

iPad Display Zoom

Ultimate RPG guide by James D’Amato

Epubor – doesn’t work, don’t use it

Kobo eReader

Calibre eReader software

UMN gmail service

TFSA – Tax-Free Savings Account

Brother HL-2270DW printer user’s guide

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The Theme System Journal (see bottom of page for Cortex podcast episodes)

CGP Grey: Your Theme (YouTube)

Mark’s 2022 theme – Year of One

Jack’s 2022 theme – Year of Execution

Mikhail’s 2022 theme – Year of Flow

Mark’s 2023 theme – Year of the Future (with accompanying graphic design)

Jack’s 2023 theme – Season of Foundations

Mikhail’s 2023 theme – This Too, Shall Pass

Mandelbrot set

ProFolio Oasis Notebook

MLB Uses 3 Baseballs in 2022

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