OHAC 22: Big Bidet

Strange times have befallen the world. Many are confined to their homes while others are still searching far and wide for but a single roll of toilet paper. But, because Mark, Jack, and Mikhail have been doing this through internet video chat since the beginning, nothing here has changed except the mood. Enjoy.

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LivingBasics Non-Electric Bidet

Adobe All Apps Pricing

Procmail – server side email filtering

USA Bill HR 748 “CARES Act” ~$1,200 per person

XBox Series X

Magic Keyboard for iPad

Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) – Mark’s Company

(AMC) American Math Competitions

Space Team

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Portal from Facebook

Zoom Support Documentation

JackBox Game – Tee K.O.

Board Game Arena

Tabletop Simulator

Mark’s Beast Academy Puzzle Book

Teachers Pay Teachers

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