OHAC 37: UPS is the Arbiter of Truth

After a long period of neglect, Mikhail, Jack, and Mark finally get around to responding to the backlog of listener feedback. Climb on in to hear yet another discussion of various popular Linux audio back ends, the efficacy of foldable backpacks, hypothetical numpties who peaked in high school, and the possible ramifications of scorpion-kicking a pedestrian with your car.

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OHAC 36: Dot and Dot Dot

Symlink (Symbolic Link)

OHAC 15: Magnum, 067, and Slots: A “Star Wars” Story

WordPress Theme – Escutcheon

OHAC 22: Big Bidet

OHAC 12: Magnetic Resonance Enchiladas

Pop!_OS (Linux)

Ardour – The digital audio workstation

Jack audio interface for Linux

Generic qjackctl map (screenshot)

ALSA vs Pulse Audio

Mikhail bricked his ThinkPad: /dev/sda5: clean, 392649/15237120 files, 57879723/60918016 blocks

PyInstaller library for Python

Tkinter – GUI Programming for Python

PySimpleGUI – Python GUIs for Humans

Mark’s GUI code block

def main():

    layout = [[sg.Text('', font=('Times', 12), key='timer')],
            [sg.Text('Input Audio', size=(10,1),font='Times 14'),\
            [sg.Text('Input Data', size=(10,1),font='Times 14'),\
                    sg.InputText(key="dataIN",size=(50,1)), sg.FileBrowse(\
            [sg.Text('To Encode', size=(10,1),font='Times 14'),\
            [sg.Submit('Encode',size=(10,1)), sg.Cancel('Quit',size=(10,1))]]

    window = sg.Window('mrmp3',layout)

Screenshot of Mark’s PySimpleGUI application

Mike Rowe’s Completely Transparent, Totally Honest, Eagle Scout Congratulatory Form Letter

Dirty Jobs – TV show on Discovery

Explain like I’m five 

Stowaway Packable Daypack from Eddie Bauer

Cal Newport

Tiki Torch Fiasco in Charlottesville

Lindy Effect 

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