OHAC 31: Somebody Explodes

The lights come on to reveal a digital time display which starts to blink. It’s counting down. The pressure is on as dramatic music slowly swells bringing the tension to ever greater heights. But don’t worry, it’s non-diegetic. Mark, Jack, and Mikhail slog through the ever-expanding corner case corner only to be faced with the most ambiguous of randomly generated bombs. Sit back, relax, and listen as somebody explodes.

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Docker.raw reserving too much size

Terminal commands: `ls -lh` (file size) vs `du -h Docker.raw` (disk usage)

Mac Power Users Episode 569

Custom desktop files for launchers on Linux

Gnome for Linux

Mark’s desktop icons

How to run two or more terminal commands at once

Come on down to Dongletown

Tsupy USB C dongle 

Using a pointer device with AssistiveTouch on iOS

Cursor on iPadOS becomes bigger with AssistiveTouch

PYODBC for python

Mendeley does not support macOS 11 Big Sur

Fluid turns websites into desktop apps

Amazon Alexa Skill – Radio Canada (no longer exists)

BEAT MP3 for YouTube

Mark plays BEAT MP3 for YouTube 

Mark gets blocked from YouTube

Trio per uno

Mario Kart 8 – Yoshi Valley (N64) – Music

Notion notes app


Keep talking and nobody explodes


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