OHAC 32: This is a Family Show

Come one, come all, and bring your kids! This time on OHAC, Jack, Mark, and Mikhail have an uncharacteristically positive Corner Case Corner, discuss the implications of an intergalactic pancake, and learn the very important lesson that spaghetti is toast. Now, finish your oatmeal and let’s get going!

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Lineage OS for Android phones

KDE connect

Gnome desktop environment

GSConnect – use a phone as trackpad for a laptop

Rufus – create bootable USB drives

CrunchBang Linux distribution

BunsenLabs Linux distribution

Logitech trackball mouse

Put in .gitconfig: large = "! git rev-list --objects --all | git cat-file --batch-check='%(objecttype) %(objectname) %(objectsize) %(rest)' | sed -n 's/^blob //p' | sort --numeric-sort --key=2 | cut -c 1-12,41- | awk '$2 >= 2^19' "

git-filter-repo: git filter-repo —strip-blobs-bigger-than 10M

Cube Rule of Food Identification



‘Oumuamua may be alien technology – Avi Loeb and Lex Fridman

The Oatmeal on Creativity

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