OHAC 33: Smart Synk

Version 1.33.0: Small UI fixes and performance improvements. Mark, Mikhail, and Jack are now available offline. Retracted implications of extraterrestrial involvement. Introduced tautology in error messages. Fixed bug where Jack was actually prepared for Hot Takes. Loving the podcast? Don’t forget to rate 5 stars and leave a review!

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ʻOumuamua intensifies

StackExchange – Play audio output as input to Zoom

Soundflower for Mac

Bash profiles: new() { mkdir $1 && cd $1 }

Real Python: Python 3’s f-strings

Drops: Language Learning App



Dropbox: Smart sync

Oura Ring Data Could Help Identify Early COVID-19 Symptoms

Ben Greenfield – Salt

Spotify Offline Music Suddenly Disappearing

Enable Developer Mode on Android

Learn You a Haskell for Great Good

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