OHAC 34: Additional Nonsense

The I-am-an-adult switch has been activated. Prepare for adult topics such as personal organization, self-improvement, and mild cursing. On this episode of OHAC, Mark dives into the convoluted world of online curriculum program funding legislation for public schools, Mikhail gets the run-around from overcautious security software while trying to do his taxes, and Jack is just overall doing pretty well.

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Drops: Language Learning App

TeXable: iPad app for LaTeX


Obsidian’s “I am an adult” switch

MacOS: System Integrity Protection

Dick Van Dike’s British accent

Matt Parker on Spreadsheets – Festival of the Spoken Nerd



Canadian Revenue Agency


Mikhail’s Obsidian graph

Mark’s Obsidian graph

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Jack’s 2021 theme – Year of Alignment

Butcher Box

Athletic Greens

Mark’s 2021 theme – Year of Transition

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Mikhail’s 2021 theme – Year of Persistence

Trello: App for Kanban Boards

Lord of the Rings – Black Speech

Shampoo bar – Pretty Clean Shop

Lex Fridman Podcast

Jelle’s Marble Runs

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