OHAC 35: A Font of Entertaining Anecdotes

As ever, Mark, Jack, and Mikhail round the infamous Corner-Case-Corner before diving head-long into a field of study in which none have training. On this episode of OHAC, you can hear their philosophizations on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, its relation to the Blackfeet Nation, and truth; all based on an episode of the Psychology Podcast which was generously sprinkled with charming Canadian affectations.

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OHAC 34, where Mikhail complains about the CRA

WHOI archived ITP data files

Towards Data Science – How to load MATLAB .mat files in Python

Python package: mat37

xkcd: Wisdom of the Ancients

SMTP – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Ardour – The digital audio workstation

ALSA vs Pulse Audio

The Expanse – Erroneous German Captions

The Documentary Podcast: The Digital Human : Subservience 

Psychology Podcast – Richard Katz – Honoring the Wisdom of Indigenous Peoples

Scott Barry Kaufman – There Is No One Way to Live a Good Life (brief history of Maslow’s Hirearchy of Needs)

Scientism – Wikipedia

Leopold von Ranke – “Every age is next to God”

Blackfeet Nation

Article – Fathers and youths’ deliquent behavior

Charles Murray (the wrong Murray)

Intelligence Quotient (IQ)


Making Sense Podcast #62 – What is True | Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson

Sam Harris & Jordan Peterson – Vancouver – 1

Is-ought problem – Wikipedia

Consequentialism – Wikipedia

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