OHAC 36: Dot and Dot Dot

Tick tock, dot, and dot dot. On this episode of OHAC, Mikhail, Jack, and Mark each give breaking updates on developing Corner Case Corner stories, Jack and Mikhail dink about in a clock of Mark’s imagination, and, in an unprecedented turn of events, Jack is prepared for Hot Takes ahead of time. Like, wow.

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Ardour – The digital audio workstation

ALSA vs PulseAudio

OHAC 30: I’m an Agent of Chaos

SciNet | Advanced Research Computing at the University of Toronto

“Most breaches … are caused by failure to update software components that are known to be vulnerable for months or even years.”

Big Sur Login Screen background image

“Solution for changing Big Sur login wallpaper to custom.” (Dosen’t work)

`Library/Caches/Desktop Pictures/UUID`

Background Music for Mac

MacOS Touch ID “…a total of five fingerprints can be enrolled across the system.”

Mark’s work using OpenAI

OHAC 35, where Jack tries to programmatically generate PDFs

Reportlab by PyPi for Python

Jack’s mind palace (notes from the text adventure)

Mikhail’s notes from the text adventure

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