OHAC 46: What a Horrible Idea. I Love It.

This episode depicts the gruesome fate of Mark, Jack, and Mikhail, three lost technology enthusiasts trapped in an unending corner case corner by menacing locals who harvest human frustration. As the time of Mark’s baseball game nears, they attempt to escape through a discussion surrounding an IMDB page only to realize: we are the menacing locals.

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Spotify Podcasts

The Besties Podcast

History of The Besties

The Joe Rogan Experience | Spotify

Sidecar for iPad

Mark’s external monitor: Arzopa 2K Portable Monitor (Amazon link)

Dell Latitude 5590 (for those keeping score at home)

Luke Smith YouTube | Full Arch Linux Install (SAVAGE Edition!)

dd commands (destroy disk)

Arch Linux Wiki

YouTube video Jack used to install Arch Linux

LARBS script (Luke’s Auto-Rice Bootstrapping Scripts)

Ricing – making it look good (r/unixporn)

Desktop Window Manager (DWM)

The Linux Command Line, 2nd Edition: A Complete Introduction

PulseAudio vs. PipeWire

The Finer Points of Scorekeeping on Mark’s blog


H264 vs H265

Jack’s pdf flashbacks on OHAC 36: Dot and Dot Dot


Scarce (2008) IMDB

University of Toronto Outing Club (UTOC)

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